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Grassart PlayShapes for Synthetic Turf Playgrounds

Grassart PlayShapes for Synthetic Turf Playgrounds

GrassArt PlayShapes – Chess, Hopscotch & More

Artificial Grass Shop stocks high-quality GrassArt PlayShapes for synthetic turf playgrounds. These fun & educational synthetic turf PlayShape designs can be quickly and easily inserted in any playground. Most importantly, GrassArt PlayShapes are inviting, fun and perfect for brightening up any playground!

Artificial Grass Shop has a wide range of GrassArt artificial PlayShapes for playgrounds that include colourful characters as well as games such as hopscotch, outdoor chess and snakes and ladders. SHOP ONLINE for the latest synthetic turf playground designs.

The Benefits of Hopscotch

Kids can benefit physically, mentally and socially from a simple game of hopscotch on an artificial grass hopscotch design. The precise hopping movements required when playing this game can help with balance, strength and coordination, plus having to work out the correct hopping pathway teaches them to problem solve. As they’ll be playing with other kids, they’ll also learn important social skills as well.

The Modern Hopscotch – 110 x 270 Long

This synthetic turf PlayShape design is available in the same size as the Blocks mat, making them the perfect pair for a playground. We have seen three of the same one side by side and they look terrific! If you would like suggestions about which synthetic turf PlayShape design would best suit your space and layout, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

More ways to Hopscotch.

Artificial Grass Shop has several different artificial grass hopscotch mats, including the CLASSIC AUSSIE HOPSCOTCH game with the semi-circle at the top. We also stock a simple BLOCK version and one using circles that we call MODERN HOPSCOTCH that’s 110 x 270 long.

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