8 linear 20Twenty 13mm cricket grass green with beige center ready to ship. Normally only avail in 28 linear (3.71) format.  CLICK HERE for more details.
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Backyard Basketball Court

April 21, 2023

AGS mainly use Court Turf PE 19mm synthetic grass for our backyard courts. Hard-wearing, designed for high traffic, when combined with mineral infill provides optimum performance for ball bounce on a concrete slab or crushed rock base.  100% Australian Made with a 10-year warranty Court Turf is also perfect for school playgrounds, basketball, volleyball, handball courts, and residential applications.

Each residential court is scaled to size for the backyard and line markings are individually cut in for each court (except tennis which has line markings tufted into the grass).

Artificial Grass Shop’ synthetic grass courts can be designed for multiple sports, with line markings integrated onto the court surface for netball, basketball, volleyball, and bat tennis. Call our office today for a free quotation or Shop on Line for DIY.