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Golf Home Putting Green

Golf Home Putting Green

Are you interested in practicing golf at home? Does your golf club need to rejuvenate its greens? At Artificial Grass Shop, we are proud to offer the latest in synthetic grass golf putting green solutions.

Get a PGS Supergreen – the Future in Backyard Putting Greens!

Artificial Grass Shop offers a wide range of synthetic putting greens that are designed for the serious golfer who would like to maintain or increase their putting/chipping skills within the convenience of their own home.

Our synthetic grass golf putting green range can be installed on any hard surface, including a crushed rock base, concrete or floorboards. Having a minimal sand infill allows the system to be shaped to any design, meaning sand bunkers, water hazards and other features (outdoor) can be incorporated in the overall design.

Our synthetic putting greens are virtually maintenance free and look good for years with enhanced performance.

Recommended products for synthetic putting greens include:

Kingston Green 15mm

This backyard putting green has a light green colour, making it perfect for backyard installation to practice your golf skills at home. Some key design features of this putting green turf include enhanced speed, ease of installation and minimal on-going maintenance.

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Royal Green 20mm with Heat Block Technology

Royal Green is dark green in colour and 25% cooler than other synthetic grasses on a hot summer’s day. This non-directional textured artificial synthetic grass also ensures realistic putting speed.

Royal Green 20mm is the professionals’ choice for synthetic putting greens. It is a completely new generation golf product that allows you to do everything you’re able to do on a natural grass green. Easy to contour and build in undulation and other design features, it’s also a great solution for golf clubs looking to rejuvenate their greens during dry or heavy wet periods. Royal Green is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly artificial putting green solution to water restrictions and maintenance costs.

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Mini Pro 14mm –

Our Mini Pro 14mm artificial putting green is perfect for practicing your golf skills at home and is fun for all the family. Featuring texturised artificial/synthetic grass blades with non-directional characteristics, this putting green also includes COOLplus™ cooling technology that keeps it 20% cooler than other synthetics. Made in Australia with Australian yarn, it can be applied directly to a clean, hard surface.

Use Pro Lawn 35 mm a lighter green grass as the fringe!

Use Pro Lawn Gold 37 mm a darker green longer pile grass as the rough/fringe of the application.

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Shop for golf putting green accessories to purchase green accessories, including putting cups, flags and poles. Select the link below to visit our accessory shop.

Home Putting Green Balcony Bundles

Why not install a synthetic putting green turf on your balcony? Easy to install, simply roll out your rug, trim sides to fit, and apply double sided tape to edges. Our customers can choose from the following sizes:

1.85 m wide x 5m long Mini Pro with 14m double sided tape $296.00


1.85 x 10 Mini Pro with 24m double sided tape $572.00

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