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Fake Grass for Backyard

Fake Grass for Backyard

Landscape Range

The Artificial Grass Shop premium landscape range comprises of 100% Australian-made landscape/residential fake grass for backyard use that’s lead free and made with a very high quality UV stabiliser to protect your investment. Our artificial grass landscape range is available in a wide variety of colours, textures, pile heights and performance standards, ensuring we’ll have a turf option that perfectly suits your preferences, budget and other requirements.

Our Landscape Category Includes the Following Products:

  • Pro Lawn 25mm:This hard-wearing synthetic grass turf is easy to maintain and is recommended for lawns with a low recess or with leaves, nuts and berries littered around the backyard. Shop Pro Lawn 25mm Online Now.
  • Pro Lawn 35mm: This soft green 35mm synthetic grass turf feels soft and comfortable to walk on and is recommended for installation on verandas, backyards and courtyards, as well as certain indoor settings. Shop Pro Lawn 35mm Online Now.
  • Coolgrass 35mm and 45mm – This turf contains Heatblock cooling technology that makes it as much as 25% cooler than other artificial grass turfs. It’s perfect for large open areas with no shade.
  • Lush 40mm– This option is the most beautiful fake grass for backyard surfaces on the market, as it’s incredibly thick and lush and feels just like real grass.
  • Pro Luxe 40mm– Very high thatch, thick and lush, olive green with beige fleck. Almost as comfortable as Lush 40mm, but remarkably cheaper.

Synthetic grass can be easily laid over crushed rock, pavers, brickwork or concrete slab. Our options are ideal for converting tired concrete courtyards into a children’s play area, or transforming an unused veranda into an outdoor living area.

Why not install Coolgrass 30mm, or 35mmm or 45mm (20% cooler grass) artificial grass on your balcony/veranda or rooftop? We can supply options that are easy to install on your balcony. Roll rug out trim sides to fit, apply double sided tape to edges. Groom up grass. Too Easy.

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