END OF YEAR SALE ON OFF CUTS STOCK MUST BE CLEARED TO MAKE ROOM FOR NEW LINES $5 PSM 1m2, 2m2, 3m2 and 4m2 in both short and long pile. No offer turned away. Ideal for pet runs, kennels, caravan annex other small areas.
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Safe Playing Surfaces for Happy Children

Create a safe and inviting playground with our range of synthetic grass and soft fall systems. Whether you’re designing for kindergartens, early learning, or childcare centers, The Artificial Grass Shop has you covered.

Playground Synthetic Grass

‘Playground Synthetic Grass’ is engineered to provide comfort and minimise risks to children. It is a practical and hygienic solution to organic substances that can cause infections and harbour insects. AGS artificial grass is non-toxic and easy maintain.  Being Australian Made with a strong UV stabiliser ensures product durability and performance for many years.

Designed specifically for kindergartens, the consistency and safety features of Playground Artificial Grass and Soft Fall make them the preferred choice of local government authorities and Early Learning Operators throughout Australia.

ProPlay Soft Fall Systems – Unmatched Safety

Playground equipment for childcare environments must be safe for use. This is why there are legal requirements for impact protection that must be met when installing these systems. ProPlay easily meets all international standards and directives in the field of impact protection. Its shock-absorbing characteristics surpass those of other surfaces.

ProPlay Soft Fall System Is Made-To-Measure Protection can be supplied in layers with a thickness of 23, 35, 45mm, providing increasing levels of impact protection. Your selection will be determined by the recommended critical fall height of the playstation.

ProPlay consists of one or several layers, depending on the required level of impact protection, and can be easily installed on any surface. When the layer is compressed (on impact), ‘Pro Play’ will absorb the energy of the fall. As soon as the pressure is reduced, ‘Pro Play’ resumes its original shape.

Compliance  Standards

Softfall systems comply with Australian Safety Standards Impact heights of over 3 metres (measured in accordance with NEN-EN1177:2008) ASNZ 4422-1996.  Select the link below to Click Here to Shop AGS Soft Fall Systems.

Explore Our Range of Safe and Durable Synthetic Grass.

The Artificial Grass Shop product range caters to various needs in Childcare from toddlers through to general play.

Playground 19mm – ideal for kindergarten, early learn and childcare centres. Being a shorter pile, easy to maintain, sweep up around sand pits. Comes in all the bright primary colours green, yellow, rust, red and blue.

Click Here to Shop Pro Lawn 35mm – Ideal for toddler areas. Soft and comfortable, Pro Lawn 35mm is easy to maintain due to being a shorter pile.

Click Here to Shop Coolgrass 45mm – Super soft and 20% cooler than other grass with Heat Block Technology.

Create a Safe Playground  – Inquire About Our Soft Fall Systems Today

Explore our diverse product range, Shop Online For Pro Lawn 35mm, or discover the tailored protection of ProPlay Softfall Systems. For more information, Click Here to Contact Us today. Your child’s safety is our priority – let’s build a secure and joyful play space together!”