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Pet Friendly Artificial Grass & Odour Eating Solutions!

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

The Pet Premium Artificial Grass & Odour Eating System is the ultimate outdoor pet friendly fake grass solution, designed to provide a beautiful, low maintenance and odour-free lawn all year round. This pet friendly artificial grass system includes our Australian-made Pet Premium Turf, exclusive Pet Premium infill and handy odour eater sprays and cleaner.

Pet Premium 30mm  SHOP NOW

* No Shine Pet Premium 30mm pet friendly synthetic grass is very soft underfoot and under paws… your pets will love it.
* The high density tufting makes it easier to collect pet waste.
* Double extra-large drainage holes for superior drainage.
* The yarn contains heat block technology, reflecting the sun’s rays and cooling the pet friendly synthetic grass by up to 20%.
* Made here in Australia, including the yarn.
* Comes with a 12 year manufacturer’s warranty.
* For an odour-free lawn all year round, get the Pet Premium System consisting of pet friendly synthetic grass, SmellBgone Infill and odour eater sprays and cleaners.

Odour Eater Infills, Sprays & Cleaners  SHOP NOW

SmellBgone PLUS Urine Stain & Odour Remover is the ultimate organic spray to safely eliminate urine odour and stains, for a hygienic, pure-smelling environment. Ideal for use on carpets, furniture, tiles, wood, paved surfaces and artificial turf.

Features Include:

* Removes stains and odours caused by dogs, cats and humans
* Eliminates stains and odours caused by urine, faeces and vomit
* Uses plant enzymes to penetrate uric crystals to remove odour
* 50% more concentrated than other brands
* Certified organic – no harsh chemicals or palm oil
* Vegan friendly, PH neutral, biodegradable, soap free and septic safe
* Chlorine and ammonia free

smellBgonePLUS is easy to apply!

* Remove solid waste from the surface
* If possible, hose down affected area
* Pour / spray smellBgonePLUS liberally onto the affected area or use a mop on hard surfaces
* For best results on artificial turf, use a pressure sprayer or the Hydrospray Unit foaming gun to apply smellBgonePLUS
* SmellBGone Infill 15kg
* SmellBgone 1 LTR Pre Mixed Spray Bottle
* SmellBGonePLUS 2 LTR Concentrate
* SmellBGonePLUS 5 LTR Concentrate
* SmellBGonePLUS 20 LTR Concentrate

What is the Difference between the Liquid & Infill Products?

The SmellBgone infill is specifically designed for synthetic surfaces. It will remain in the synthetic surface providing long-term removal of urine odour. Generally, it will not need re-application.

However, if the existing situation is quite unbearable, we would recommend a strong treatment of SmellBgone liquid. The SmellBgone liquid is a product specifically formulated for use on pet friendly artificial grass and hard surfaces, working to destroy the bacteria in urine.

SmellBgone liquid is designed for all surfaces, such as paving, tiles and carpets, and it’s ideal for indoor as well as outdoor applications. It destroys the bacteria in pet urine, disinfecting and deodorising the surface. It will require re-application on a regular basis. It can be used as a complimentary product with the infill.

Buy the Pet Premium System Today

If you’re looking for the best pet friendly fake grass product on the market, the Pet Premium System is highly recommended. Shop online for delivery across Australia, or for more information, contact Artificial Grass Shop by submitting an online enquiry or calling one of our stores.