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Grassart - Custom Built Artificial Grass Logos

Grassart - Custom Built Artificial Grass Logos

Grassart custom built synthetic grass logos for Commercial & Sporting applications.  A revolutionary synthetic turf tufting process allows Grass Art to tuft graphics right into the turf – not painted. Ideal for schools, sporting clubs and commercial enterprises wanting to further exposure for their  brand.

We can create logos to almost any shape, with almost any graphic, in a wide variety of colour combintations. From 1m2 – 9m x 4m the logos are produced in one piece and easily incorporated into the main body of any installation, providing your customers with a unique advertising medium.

Elevate Your Brand to Iconic Status

With Grassart’s cutting-edge tufted logos, immerse your brand seamlessly into any setting. Harness the essence of innovative branding and craft an indelible mark in the minds of your audience.

Bring Your Vision to Life

Share your conceptual vision with us, and we’ll breathe life into it. Provide us with your preferred colors, desired dimensions, and a high-resolution logo, and watch as we craft a mesmerizing tufted graphic that becomes the center of attention. Our capabilities span a spectrum of designs, from intricate patterns to bold logos, with color combinations available for spaces ranging from 2m² to a sprawling 4m x 9m.

Effortless Integration, Striking Presence

Our tufted logos are artfully designed as singular pieces, ensuring that integrating them into your desired space is straightforward. These logos don’t just adorn a space; they transform it into a potent brand communication platform, leaving an indelible impression on all who encounter it.

Dynamic Branding with Unmatched Versatility

The brilliance of a Grassart Logo doesn’t end with its installation. It’s designed for fluidity, allowing for easy repositioning to suit your ever-evolving branding needs. Whether it’s for commercial branding displays, exhibition spaces, promotional events in stores, or as a grand welcoming gesture at entrances, our logos offer adaptability without compromising on impact.

Tough and Hard Wearing

The very nature of artificial grass makes it a hard-wearing surface, in addition the design being in one piece provides integrity to the installation, guaranteeing a long-lasting and robust surface.

Grassart latex background for Custom Design & PlayShapes is non-flammable and the yarn is flame retardant.

Unlimited Possibilities

Grassart Logos push the boundaries of what’s possible. By collaborating with cutting-edge manufacturers allows integration of CAD design with synthetic grass machines. The result? Clean, crisp concepts bursting with vibrant colors, unparalleled quality, and impeccable design. Whether it’s your team’s logo on a training field, a whimsical design for a kindergarten playground, or a captivating sponsorship mat for a special event, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Clean Graphics

With revolutionary technology, the level of detail in your designs is unparalleled. Each element is meticulously programmed into a computer and tufted into one seamless piece. Say goodbye to cutting and gluing colored pieces together, which can compromise the overall integrity of the Logo.  Grassart technology ensures clean, sharp graphics that leave a lasting impression.

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