Enquiry about our project off cuts now available from 1m2, 2m2, 3m2 and 4m2 in both short $10 psm and long pile $15psm.

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23mm Softfall Underlay System for Sports and Playgrounds

Pro Play 23mm Underlay Softfall is designed for Sports or General Play Areas.  ProPlay 23mm also comes in 35, and 45 mm thickness, providing increasing levels of impact protection.  For ELC’s with PlayStation equipment, your selection would be determined by the recommended critical fall height of the PlayStation.  Please contact our office to confirm your CFH requirements.

AUD $77.00/per pad

Pro Play shock absorber pads have a lifeline warranty

Pro Play softfall systems easily meet all international standards and directives in the field of impact protection. Its shock-absorbing characteristics surpass those of other surfaces.

Softfall systems comply with Australian Safety Standards Impact heights of over 3 metres (measured in accordance with NEN-EN1177:2008) ASNZ 4422-1996

Width:         .90m

Length:       2.25m

M2 P/Pad:  2.025M2

Weight:        7.5kg

ProPlay consists of one or several layers, depending on the required level of impact protection, and can be easily installed on any surface (with a synthetic grass covering). When the layer is compressed (on impact), ‘ProPlay’ will absorb the energy of the fall. As soon as the pressure is reduced, ‘ProPlay’ resumes its original shape.