8 linear 20Twenty 13mm cricket grass green with beige center ready to ship. Normally only avail in 28 linear (3.71) format.  CLICK HERE for more details.
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Stand out from the crowd with Shield Natural Turf Wicket 9mm Beige Colour. Shield Natural is a high-quality non-directional cricket grass, recommended by Cricket Australia and well recognised by councils, clubs and schools. If you require a synthetic cricket pitch that’s lively and enables dynamic performance, we have you covered. Over time, the surface will flatten to give a true bounce with an even pace, allowing for competitive conditions that offer assistance for both the fielding and batting sides.

SHIELD Natural 9mm synthetic cricket pitch grass rolls are available in widths of 1.85mts, 2.8mts and 3.7m, and in varying lengths to suit your club’s requirements.

AUD $39.00/psm

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