8 linear 20Twenty 13mm cricket grass green with beige center ready to ship. Normally only avail in 28 linear (3.71) format.  CLICK HERE for more details.
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Jane, Just a quick thank you for the service and product you provided. Very happy with how it was done and the installers were fantastic tradies to have at out property…hard working, cleaned up well, kept us in the loop when the rain delayed the install,  Boys were exceptionally well mannered and easy to talk to. Please pass on my comments as I think it’s important people know when their efforts are greatly appreciated. Bern will make the final payment this afternoon.

Here are a couple of pics of Aussie on his new scratch pads. Also, any chance if an off cut a couple of feet square or even an irregular shape I could shape myself. Aussie tends to go I’m one spot and I want to see of we can make him go on an off cut. Happy for you to just trow it on the from lawn in passing and no dramas if it can’t be done.

Cheers. Noel,  [Box Hill Institute]