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Notre Dame Campus of Emmanuel College


Satellite Plus and Idealgrass All Seasons 37mm


The Notre Dame Campus of Emmanuel College recently teamed up with Grass Solutions (official Prograss distributor – Melbourne) in Stage 2 of its ‘Continual Improvement Plan’. Emmanuel College prides itself on being ‘committed to achieving systematic, significant and sustained change that ensures improved learning outcomes for all students.’ Grass Solutions was involved in a two part project. The first was the supply and installation of a basketball court using Satellite Plus synthetic grass. With the durability of double backing, inbuilt court markings, 19mm pile height, mineral sand infill and tightly woven stitching this is the ideal product. Part Two involved the use of All Seasons synthetic grass (one of the most popular lines in the Idealgrass family). It was used to turn an unusable mounded 320m2 dirt area into a great shady spot for students on those hot Summer days.